Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Scott Grimes AKA Donald Malarkey - Recorded June 23rd 2010

On June 23rd 2010, LIVE on Black Sky Radio, we put your questions to Scott Grimes who played Donald Malarkey

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In this segment, Scott talks about about providing the voice for Steve Smith on American Dad. He also talks about his role as Will Scarlet in Ridley Scott's Robin Hood and about his friend Russell Crowe.

In this segment, Scott talks about his music career & new album DRIVE.

In this segment, Scott talks about the real man behind his character Donald Malarkey. He also tells us about his boot camp experience.

In this segment, Scott talks about Captain Dale Dye, Tom Hanks, Stephen Spielberg and The Pacific.

WE WERE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE SCOTT BACK ON THE SHOW ON DECEMBER 15th 2010. You can hear that interview below.


  1. GroundskeeperWillie24 September 2010 at 13:22

    Thanks so much for posting all of these interviews. These actors had a once-in-a-lifetime chance with BOB, to do something that Hollywood just has never done well -- tell history with as much honor, justice, dignity, and factual truth as can fit into a screenplay. What's heartening, is that to a man, they all get that. They all understand the larger role they've played, their bits on screen played, in elevating not only the men of E Co, 506th but of all the men and women of this country served from 1941 to 1945. The World War Two monument was made possible, in very large part, to "Ryan" and "BoB" and all the cast and crew who brought that war back to the collective, enduring conscience of this country.

    It's heartening to know guys like Scott Grimes, (an actor who could've shrugged-off the idea that "Malark" was just one of the many characters he's played,) has owned not only the role he made into a beloved historic figure, but continues a certain responsibility to honor it long afterwards.

    I rather think that Steven Ambrose, looking down, is duly proud of all this -- his populist view of history was that once you look past the generals, the strategies, the politics and the battle plans WW2 was always about a grunt following orders and doing his job. The men of Easy are now known as well, if not better, than the generals that commanded them. That is as it should be.

  2. The best series ever televised . Never dates .always moving , A masterpiece

  3. I worked on this series for 7 month, i was lucky enough to meet and talk to some of the veterans portrayed in this epic undertaking .
    It was both humbling and hilarious = humbling at their tears upon meeting the actors playing friends they has lost and hilarious , in the pub near to the Hatfield studios , where they could still raise the roof !
    It remains a series that I am proud to have worked on , a feeling shared by the actor , Scott Grimes , who played 'Marlarkey'. I worked with him again on Robin Hood recently, he remembered me and kindly signed the band of Brothers crew jacket , that Tom Hanks gave the crew members .
    A remarkable and touching series .
    Pete , costume guy .

  4. I loved this interview so much, to hear the passion and love for this project that Scott Grimes and the other guys had even ten years later is what makes band of Brothers the BEST miniseries of all time! Great interview Scott, thank you for your part in honoring these heroes in a way that was so well deserved.