Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Neal McDonough AKA Buck Compton - Recorded August 25th 2010

On 25th Aug 2010, LIVE on Black Sky Radio, we put your questions to Neal McDonough who played 'Buck' Compton

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Neal McDonough 1
In this segment, Neal McDonough explains how he got the part of Buck Compton and shares a sweet anecdote about Steven Spielberg.

Neal McDonough 2
In this segment, Neal McDonough talks about Tom Hanks and about getting into character at boot camp.

Neal McDonough 3
In this segment, Neal McDonough pays tribute to Captain Dale Dye and tells a funny story about Jimmy Madio.

Neal McDonough 4
In this segment, Neal McDonough talks about filming the poignant scenes in 'Breaking Point' and tells us about his boot camp injury.

Neal McDonough 5
In this segment, Neal McDonough tells us how he sneaked a bottle of whisky into boot camp and reveals his favourite scene.

Neal McDonough 6
In this segment, Neal McDonough talks about the annual cast barbeque and sums up the real men of Easy company.

Neal McDonough 7
In this final segment of our interview with Neal McDonough he talks about his work on First Contact, pays tribute to behind the scenes crew PLUS chatroom shoutouts.


Big thanks to Nightmare and Jenna over at Black Sky Radio


  1. Fantastic interview with such a fantastic guy!Really honest,touching and funny. Thank you all! ...Neal´s interpretation of Buck had a strong impact on me, I got almost a nervous breakdown from all that.. Now I realize that BoB was so strong and real because it was almost real, including actors´emotions.. God bless you Buck and Neal! Danielle

  2. I enjoyed this interview so much and am so thankful for how honest Neal was about every detail and loved his hilarious stories.
    This even made my mom fall even more inlove with Neal haha.
    Thanks soo much Ross, Nightmare and Jenna for doing these interviews!

  3. GroundskeeperWillie24 September 2010 at 15:05

    You can tell, based on how these guys so willingly agreed to these interviews, and how much they wanted to talk, this was a transformative experience and one that has stayed with them through the years. Putting actors into a boot camp to teach them how to be real soldiers is the best acting school there probably is for getting it "right". Now that these guys have been through it, I guarantee any of them would make fantastic members of the "cadre" in Dale Dye's organization. Especially Neal.


  4. Thank you everyone who helped put this together. I am Buck's youngest daughter. What a tribute Ross is doing here.

  5. Neal is a stand-up guy, for sure! Really enjoyed he interview, and wish Neal all the success in the world!