Thursday, 9 September 2010

Ben Caplan AKA Smokey Gordon - Recorded September 8th 2010

On 8th September 2010 LIVE on Black Sky Radio, we put your questions to Ben Caplan who played Walter 'Smokey' Gordon

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Ben Caplan 1:
In this segment, Ben Caplan explains how he got the role of Smokey Gordon.

Ben Caplan 2:
In this segment, Ben tells us how he prepared for boot camp and talks about meeting Steven Spielberg.

Ben Caplan 3:
In this segment, Ben tells us some boot camp stories.

Ben Caplan 4:
In this segment, Ben talks about Capt. Dale Dye's famous catchphrases and tells us how he researched the part of Smokey Gordon.

Ben Caplan 5:
In this segment, Ben Caplan talks about the poem 'Night Of The Bayonet' and how the series affected him personally.

Ben Caplan 6:
In this segment, Ben Caplan tells us which cast members he got closest to and talks about organising a possible UK cast barbeque.

Ben Caplan 7:
In this segment, Ben Caplan reveals his favourite scenes, pays tribute to Scott Grimes & talks about life after Band Of Brothers.

Ben Caplan 8:
In this segment, Ben Caplan reveals his favourite moments on set and tells us which props he kept from the show.

Ben Caplan 9:
In this segment, Ben Caplan sums up the real men of Easy company.

Big thanks to Nightmare and Jenna over at Black Sky Radio


  1. Looking forward to listening this one again so I can hear what I sound like on the radio, plus it was a excellent interview

  2. Thanks for getting this one up, Ross. Sorry to hear about the outbreak of technical gremlins getting in the way...cheers!

  3. thank you for the interviews! i love the series and out of a wonderful cast, the portrayal of smokey was my favorite.