Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Rick Warden AKA Harry Welsh - Recorded October 5th 2010

On 5th October 2010, live on Black Sky Radio, we put your questions to Rick Warden who played 'Harry Welsh'.

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Rick Warden 1:
In this segment, Rick tells us how he got the part of Harry Welsh and how boot camp affected him.

Rick Warden 2:
In this segment, Rick reveals which props he kept and tells us more boot camp stories.

Rick Warden 3:
In this segment, Rick tells us which cast members he bonded with and reveals his favourite episodes from the series.

Rick Warden 4:
In this segment, Rick tells us how he researched the role and talks about the authenticity of Band Of Brothers.

Rick Warden 5:
In this segment, Rick talks about filming the concentration camp scene and his 'wounded' scene in episode 6.

Rick Warden 6:
In this segment, Rick talks about shooting combat scenes, cast injuries and Shane Taylor.

Rick Warden 7:
In this segment, Rick reveals his personal favourite scene from the series, talks about his play, The Beatles and reveals his favourite soccer team.

Rick Warden 8:

In this segment, Rick exlains the impact Band Of Brothers had on his life and recreates Harry Welsh's accent..



  1. This is one I wish I could've listened to live. Rick Warden bookended his Band work with two rather similar but different war films. He had done "Bravo-Two-Zero" (with Sean Bean) about an SAS unit behind the lines during the First Gulf War prior to Band, and a British medical officer in the BBC series, "Dunkirk" afterwards.

    I would've loved to know if any of that prior experience in BTZ helped him at all prior, and how the "Band" experience/training informed his work in "Dunkirk"...if you ever get the chance to pose the question ;)

    Cheers Ross, Jenna and Nightmare to bringing these to us! Great work!

  2. "Kitty would love this"
    I mean thank you very much Rick, for the great interview:)
    I always pleased hearing about the brothers.

    Good Job!

  3. Thank you so so much for "the balance" of Rick Warden's interview! I've been coming back here & coming back here to check.. and now it's here finally!

    Lt. Harry Welsh is one of my favorite in B.O.B., so I'm tickled pink that I've heard all his interviews!

    Again, thank you Ross Owen & Black Sky Radio for doing this! Great job! Please ask the question "how they got the part" because in the first few months, this question was not asked. And hope you'll get to interview Marc Warren (Pvt Blithe) and ask him why he was not in boot camp.

    The guys you've interviewed so far are so hilarious and informative. They've given another perspective of the mini series B.O.B.!