Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Peter O Meara AKA Norman Dike - Recorded December 8th 2010

On 8th December 2010 LIVE on Black Sky Radiowe put your questions to Peter O' Meara who played Norman Dike.

In this interview, Peter talks about his Band Of Brothers experience and pays tribute to cast members and Easy Company veterans.


  1. Hey Guys, this was a really interesting interview. Hearing about how a peripheral character was actually included by the core acting team. But what about Frank John Hughes (Guarnere) - any luck doing an interview with him? I would like to know if he really shot they Germans in the alley on D Day without Winters's orders and if the real Wild Bill really did start out giving Dick Winters a hard time, but then eventually warm to him. Great interview. Peter, you made a wonderful contribution. You have all contributed to keeping a piece of history alive for all posterity. Future generations will watch BOB and get a better understanding of what the men went through. And thanks for these interviews because they also add to the history of the event, illustrating how later generations paid our respects to the brave men of Easy. God Bless all of you.

  2. This was one of the most amazing interviews of this whole series. Peter, your portrayal of Lieutenant Dyke was truly remarkable. I truly believe that he was a man who wanted to do things right, but fear in many forms, based on an obvious logic of the peril of the situation, created actions that were not heroic, but far from cowardice. I am unsure of how many people survived the ordeal of Bastogne, however we do know that Lieutenant Dyke did.