Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Matt Hickey AKA Pvt. Patrick O' Keefe: February 16th 2011

Our guest on Wednesday February 16th 2011 was Matthew Hickey who played Pvt. Patrick O' Keefe.

Listen to the full interview on the player below.


  1. thank you so much for all of the interviews so far, it´s been a blast to listen to them all:D I hope you don´t forget to convince Fassbender to do an interview as well and it would be so great if Tom Hardy did one too. Thanks again :)

  2. Mr. Owen,
    Thank you for doing all of these great interviews. It is impressive that you are able to get all of the actors to share their wonderful memories with us. I am sure that it is not an easy task to organize, and also taking the time to put together all of the the segments. Your hard work is much appreciated!

    Listening from S. Korea

  3. Dear Mr Owen,

    As a seventeen-year-old girl from the Netherlands, I have no relationship to WW2 veterans whatsoever. The war has always been fascinating to me, but I always focused on the victims in the concentration camps and such. I never got to see the Allied armies and their stories remained in the dark for me, until I discovered Band Of Brothers a month ago. I've now seen the series, read Ambrose's book and I'm currently reading Major Winters book (I really regret never getting the chance to send him a letter!). I want to thank from the bottom of my heart for doing/having done these interviews. Everytime I listen to one, I get greater insight in the characters and the actors. In the beginning, all of the characters in the series were kind of a blur to me, but thanks to the interviews, instead of one favorite, I constantly recognize them on screen now and I've come to symphatize with all of them. I greatly appreciate all of the work you've put into this. Can I friend you on facebook? Nina

  4. Thanks for your kind comments guys,